Carpe Sono Invited to Perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City with Deke Sharon

From Craigslist to Carnegie Hall? Nope, didn’t think that would happen! =)

That’s right!! We were officially invited to participate in Total Vocal, A celebration of contemporary A Cappella featuring arrangements from Pitch Perfect, The Sing Off, and the great American Pop lexicon. It is led by the one and only Deke Sharon (producer for the likes of the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Pitched Slapped on Lifetime, and The Sing Off on NBC) and hosted by Distinguished Concerts Singers International. This year, groups such as The Filharmonic and Vocalosity participated in the concert, and I’m sure that 2017 will be even bigger!

We cannot be more excited about this amazing opportunity! We were contacted by DCINY about a month ago, and they told us that both they and Deke were interested in inviting us to participate in the concert pending a video audition. We submitted a video of us performing at SING! Texas back in March, and were accepted by the audition panel the next day!

We had the great opportunity to meet Deke at SING! He was the guest conference speaker and teacher of several of the seminars.

It was great to sit under his teaching, even for a day. His vast knowledge of all things a cappella is unmatched. We never thought that a month later we would get contacted by DCINY to work with Deke for this opportunity.

We accepted the invitation (of course!) and now are in the process of earning/raising money for the trip. For the 6 of the current members (and hopefully 7th member – a tenor 2/ high baritone – we’re auditioning), the trip will be about $10,000. Gigs and performances will cover a portion of that cost, but we would love to ask friends, family, and fans to help us by either spreading the news or donating to the actual trip. As you know, Carnegie Hall is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it we will easily be one of the greatest experiences that any of us could have as performers.

The money that we raise and earn from the gigs over the next year will go towards travel, hotel stay, and the performer’s fee with DCINY. If you are interested in helping us get to NYC, please donate to our Go Fund Me pageĀ here.


If for some reason we have to pull out of the concert, we’ll be sure to refund the money to all of those who generously contributed to this opportunity.

There is much more to come regarding this trip and performance. Please check out our site, along with our Facebook page for updates on our progress along with any gigs and performances we have coming up.

Thank you!

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